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Would you like to be in our magazine?


We are currently (September 1, 2022) looking for submissions from Autistic Canadians!

We are in the process of publishing the LifeSpans series which focuses on the Lifespan of Autistic people in Canada as shared by first-person expression. Each edition has a theme.


So far we've published:

Edition 1, What is Autism. Edition 2, Health. Edition 3, Diagnosis. Editon 4, Education.

Now looking for content for Edition 5. 

Submissions can be stories, artwork, poems, recipes, jokes, resources, and more!


You don't need a formal diagnosis of autism, and you can be any age - our youngest contributor to date was 7 years old when they sent in their submission, and our oldest was in their 60s!

Please note that parental consent is required for youth under the age of 16.

Some examples of things people have had featured in the magazine are :

  • poems

  • recipes

  • photography

  • interviews

  • songs

  • jokes

  • comics

  • essays

  • artwork

These are just examples, if you have an idea for something you would like to have featured in the magazine, please contact us! We are always excited to hear new ideas and to feature new people in the magazine.

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