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Welcome to the latest edition of Autistics Aloud magazine, the LifeSpans series.


In this essential edition, 14 Autistic Canadians share their poetry, artwork, and essays about their educational experiences. 

They offer advice and feedback, both positive and negative.  There are just so many heartfelt expressions in this edition.

10 of the 14 Autistic contributors are new to the magazine.  We are so proud to welcome them to the Autistics Aloud family. 

There's also another important milestone to mark. An impressive 100 contributions to the LifeSpans series!!! WOW! 

Please visit the Magazine Editions tab above to explore the other 3 Editions of the LifeSpans series. You can also access the three 2017 "Seasons" editions by scrolling down. 

Thank you for supporting our grassroots magazine and the wonderful Autistic people who share their time and talents with us and you, the reader.  

If you have trouble opening or downloading the PDF please let us know. 

You can also access this edition by ->


It will take you to our MailChimp mailing list website where you can view Edition 4, Education.  

Call for Submissions!

To learn more go to: How to Submit page

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