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Statement and Introduction from the Editor-in-chief, Patricia George-Zwicker

Throughout my professional journey, I have been continually presented with opportunities to both face and embrace change.  While it is a well-known stereotype that Autistic folx may and do struggle with change, I must admit that I have found it to be a mixed experience - at times challenging, yet also rewarding.

With the conclusion of the LifeSpans series, it became apparent that a new chapter in redefining how Autistics Aloud engages with the public was needed.  Keeping in mind our core value 'nothing about us without us' I decided to intentionally provide a platform for underrepresented Autistic individuals to share their unique lived experiences. Our goal is to give those who are not valued and included an opportunity to be part of the Conversation.  

I determined that I would like to introduce an interview series and settled on a format of 5 questions. Collaborating with a friend, we landed on the name Conversation because it challenges traditional perceptions of conversation, emphasizing the diverse methods of communication preferred by many Autistic individuals, including myself.

This innovative series will be presented in digital text and photo formats. We will offer options for downloading in PDF, a plain text version and being able to view it on your webpage browser. 

I am thrilled to debut the inaugural interview with Autistic artist Madisyn Snow. I am confident that Madisyn's incredible artwork will leave a lasting impression, and I am honoured to be a part of this important work.

Nothing About Us Without Us!

Photo Gallery below. You can either click on the photo and it will open in a new window and you can click through the interview, or, you can click on the black arrow to move from page to page that way.

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